What You Should Know About Tampa Accelerated Orthodontics

What You Should Know About Tampa Accelerated Orthodontics

Oct 09, 2018

Are you considering orthodontic treatment for you or a child? Wishing there was a way to speed up orthodontic treatment, leaving you with a perfect smile sooner? At Durrett Orthodontics we are proud to offer accelerated orthodontics in Tampa, FL for our patients that are interested in improving the appearance, health, and function of their smile, quicker! Think that you may be interested in accelerated orthodontics in Tampa for your family? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be more than happy to get a consultation scheduled for you.

Auxiliary Devices

Auxiliary orthodontic devices are a non-invasive, removable and simple oral appliance that can be worn during orthodontic treatment. These auxiliary devices apply gentle pulsating vibrations to the mouth, accelerating tooth movement by stimulating the bone itself. By applying micro-pulses to the bone, cellular turnover and bone growth are encouraged, aiding in the shifting of teeth.

According to studies about auxiliary devices, treatment time can often be increased by 30%-50% or more just by wearing accelerated orthodontic devices daily. Accelerated orthodontics can be beneficial for both teens and adults. However, adults may benefit more due to the fact that tooth movement, bone growth, and cellular turnover are slower due to metabolism.

Osteogenic Orthodontics

Osteogenic orthodontics is another form of accelerated orthodontics which involves creating tiny dimples known as micro-osteoperforations in the bone surrounding your teeth. These tiny dimples are creating using a stainless steel, surgical-grade driver in an outpatient procedure.

Research has shown that osteogenic orthodontics can greatly reduce the time needed to permanently shift teeth into a more desirable position. Many patients experienced results within 6-9 months as opposed to the 18-24 months it typically takes with ordinary orthodontic treatment options.

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Interested in accelerated orthodontics to reduce the treatment time of your orthodontic care? Contact Durrett Orthodontics today, we are always accepting new patients at our practice and would be more than happy to evaluate your smile to determine if accelerated orthodontics is the right option for you. We look forward to helping you perfect your smile!