What You Should Do if You Have a Chipped or Cracked Tooth

What You Should Do if You Have a Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Mar 26, 2019

In case you notice a chipped tooth or have a suspicion that you might have cracked a tooth, it is crucial to book an appointment with your Orthodontist in Tampa immediately. Early treatment can prevent further damage and also turn out to be less expensive in the long-term.

  • Before Visiting the Dentist

Before you visit your dentist, ensure that you protect your tooth from further damage. Rinsing in warm saline water can help to keep infection at bay. Also over the damaged area with fresh and clean gauze or dental cement.

Also, try to minimize eating or drinking before visiting the dentist as it can worsen the issue. In case you are experiencing any form of pain, using an over-the-counter dental anesthetic or pain medicines can help in offering some temporary relief.

  • Types of Chips & Cracks

Your Orthodontist in 33626 will conduct a dental examination to determine the nature of your injury. Here are some of the most common types of chips and cracks:

  • Minor chip

It is a small dental chip wherein the nerves are not damaged. The issue can be resolved using a dental filling and grounding and shaping it to ensure it matches the rest of your tooth.

  • Minor crack

It is also known as craze lines. It can be polished and smoothed by an experienced Orthodontist Tampa in Fl.

  • More severe crack

This occurs when the tooth remains in its place whereas the crack has continued towards the root. Seeing an Orthodontist in Tampa immediately can prevent the need for a tooth extraction or a root canal.

  • Fractured cusp

This occurs when the biting surface of your tooth gets chipped. These are usually not painful and using a dental crown can prevent further damage and ensure your teeth returns to its original appearance.

  • A break

Your Orthodontist in Tampa, Fl. Will usually recommend a root canal when a break exposes the nerves.

  • A Split

This is the result of your tooth splitting vertically into 2 different segments. This is generally caused to an untreated crack spreading further within the tooth. This might require a root canal or even extraction of your tooth.

  • A Split Root

A split root is caused due to a crack originating at the root and spreading upwards. It is usually not noticeable until you get an infection. Routine check-ups with your Orthodontist in Tampa can aid in early detection on the crack and preventing it from aggravating.

  • Decay-Induced Crack

A Decay-Induced Crack is usually caused due to a dental cavity which weakens the tooth both from the inside and outside. A tooth extraction might be required in cases where the decay is quite extensive, and the tooth cannot be saved.

In case you notice a crack or a chip on your tooth, ensure you book an appointment with your orthodontist at the earlier. In case you do not have a regular dentist, type Orthodontist Near Me in the search bar of an online search engine and book an apartment with an Orthodontist in Tampa.