A Team Approach to Surgical Care

The shape and size of your jaw can improperly affect the position of your teeth and your facial appearance. It may not be possible to correct some abnormalities with braces alone. In some instances, Dr. Durrett will recommend a combination of braces and surgical treatment to achieve a healthy outcome.

Combined surgical and orthodontic care are effective for treating the following:

  • Durrett Orthodontics

    Uneven bite (malocclusion)

  • Durrett Orthodontics

    Mismatched upper and lower jaw

  • Durrett Orthodontics

    Appearance of a small or large chin (facial profile)

  • Durrett Orthodontics

    Gummy smile

  • Durrett Orthodontics

    Breathing complications (snoring, sleep apnea)

  • Durrett Orthodontics

    TMJ (jaw joint) problems

If surgical orthodontic care is recommended for you, it can be accomplished through a team effort. As a respected Tampa orthodontist, Dr. Sharon Durrett has built strong professional relationships with top oral surgeons in the area. Together, the specialists and their teams will coordinate and plan each phase of your treatment while communicating consistently on your behalf until your care is complete.

The Team’s MVP (Most Valuable Player)

Dr. Durrett and her recommended oral surgeon are key players on your team, but the most valuable player is you. The thoughts, feelings, and cooperation of the patient (and the parents) are key to achieving a successful outcome. You are encouraged to ask questions and share your opinions at anytime during your treatment.

Before, during, and after surgery, Dr. Durrett will treat you like a family member, guiding you carefully towards your healthy, new smile.

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