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Durrett Orthodontics: Sharon J. Durrett, DMD, MS
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The staff here are amazing. If I ever need braces again (hopefully not 🙃) then I would not accept anything less then the excellent customer service that has been displayed by their team.
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The best orthodontist ever!! All of the staff is so kind and helpful. I’ve been coming here for 8 years. From my braces care to making my retainer and fixing my retainer. Would 100% recommend this orthodontist!!
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I cannot say enough about the staff and Dr. Durrett! My experience with my boys and myself has been smooth and pleasant and we are so happy with the results. My boys had braces and I had Invisalign and both experiences were perfect. Love the facility, staff and Dr. Durrett! She is experienced, professional and personable.
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Receiving orthodontic treatment as an adult can be different from being a child/teen in several ways, and as someone who also received orthodontic work elsewhere as a teen, one of the biggest factors is the vulnerability of doing so as an adult, and the time and dedication (and of course cost) that it takes as an adult that you are responsible for and not someone else. Also, I think as adults, we do get judged a lot more unfairly, and with a lot less grace, based on our teeth than as a child. Due to genetic luck of the draw, I required extensive treatment over time and Dr. Durrett was an excellent choice for the job. She and her staff are patient, accommodating and very compassionate as well. I say this with confidence as I wasn’t always the best client and life did get in the way, but the commitment of staff didn’t waver when I was back on track, even through my anxiousness. Staff also try to integrate your goals into the proposed treatment plan and give you options to consider without just dictating what will occur. She also keeps you informed during your appointment about what is exactly taking place.Jessica, Melissa, as well as other current and past staff whose names I don’t recall have truly been fantastic and it’s clear that her practice is adept at hiring great people. I am feeling more confident about my smile and while I have never had, nor likely ever will have 100% perfect, pristine teeth (realistically speaking), I have come a long way, and I owe all of that to Dr. Durrett. I will forever be grateful for the treatment I received from her practice. Everyone is different; we all have unique needs and situations, so someone else may aim for a magazine-perfect smile and you can definitely achieve that here too I am sure. If this review comes across with emotional overtones, it’s there because being transparent about life's journey tends to be that way for me, especially if it’s about teeth. I highly recommend!
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We highly recommend Dr Durrett for all her services! We’ve been a client for 4 years. Her staff is amazing! Call them today!
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Dr. Durrett and her team are fantastic! From the time you walk through the door until the time you leave, you are going to be well taken care of. Jessica is there with a welcoming smile to greet you as you enter. When you get called to the back, the rest of the team is just as warm. I've been bringing my son to the practice for a little over a year and most of the time we've worked with Selena, but everyone else who has taken care of us have been just a nice and personable. Dr. Durrett is here to make sure your teeth come out beautiful at the end of your orthodontic treatment, and it's evident that is her goal. From the time my son, a teenager, started his plan, Dr. Durrett was clear about what her goals were for him, and what was expected of him to get there. What I love is whenever we go, she speaks directly to him. I listen, but she makes sure he understands what the next steps are in order to be successful in his treatment. Having braces and Invisalign myself, it brings me comfort knowing how much Dr. Durrett and her staff care. I absolutely believe this is the place to come if you or your children are looking for braces or similar treatment.
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Love this place! What a great team and top notch orthodontic care.
Durrett orthodontics is truly one of a kind! When it was time for my daughter to get braces, they were extremely thorough in explaining the process, the financials, and they were reasonable! Every time I schedule an appointment or need to reschedule, Jessica has been simply AMAZING. She is quick to respond and very easy to talk to. Don’t go anywhere else for your orthodontic needs, these guys are THE BEST!
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❤️ my orthodontist
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Dr. Durrett and her staff are absolutely amazing! They are always very polite and friendly. She is very caring, knowledgeable and professional Orthodontics. I am extremely happy with the care and service and I’m so glad I chose Dr. Durrett and her staff for my orthodontist care.I highly recommend her office!!
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Durrett Orthodontics has been a great fit for our busy family. The office staff are very helpful and accommodating with scheduling. Dr. Durrett spends time with each patient and talks through the steps and directions clearly. We recommend this office to our friends and family!
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Dr. Durrett and her staff are professional, knowledgeable and very down to earth. She is always very pleasant and takes interest in more than just your teeth, making you feel like a friend. I wouldn't go anywhere else for your orthodontic needs!
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The entire team is so helpful and professional! They are great with kids and I highly recommend them!
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We went to a few different Orthodontist’s before choosing Dr Durrett. She is an absolute sweetheart , very kind soft spoken and no pushy sales pitch. All 3 practices had different techniques on treatment plan , Dr durrett seemed to be the most honest saying my sons slight underbite cannot be corrected with braces and he would need Invisalign. He also had a loose tooth and she advised to wait for that to come out before starting treatment . All the other doctors wanted to start him right away which made no sense. The first office visit involved attaching contacts for the Invisalign. Upon arriving home we noticed one was missing. Not because it fell off but because the staff forgot to put it on. I thought that was a little strange and definitely should be checked by someone for quality control . Of course it could be added on, but that involved more time out of my workday and an additional office visit . The staff has been on point, prompt and friendly for the most part , with the exception of one of her main helpers. I’ve been here a handful of times and usually do not enjoy conversing with this person as she comes across to me as condescending confrontational and almost patronizing …speaking to me as if I am a child or of higher superiority to your patient , and interrupting when I’m speaking . Questions asked should be answered professionally and in a less emotional /wide eyed loud responsive way. We are here for a service let’s keep it simple. I understand working with children all day can be tasking but I shouldn’t be leaving the office in a bad mood. I think she may be getting too comfortable running the office as the more aggressive right hand of a sweetheart Dr. which is understandable , but this review is based on expertise and customer service as a whole for the hefty price tag we are paying. Not sure if this is a racial matter - but I do feel mostly uncomfortable and try to keep things brief and short. Otherwise - it’s not about the parents …we are here for treatment , Dr Durrett is who we wish to deal with and ultimately who’s plan we will follow. Looking forward to results.Edit : Dr Durrett tried for two days to get a hold of me personally and while we were playing phone tag we were finally able to speak. She was very diligent, proactive, and concerned in this matter. She wanted to know the details of my review and which I gave her. Stated that she had a talk with all of her office stuff which was beyond my expectations. It was clear that she takes all reviews seriously and assured us that this will not happen again.
Two of my children were patients of Dr Durrett and I was so pleased with the service and results of their treatment that I decided to become a patient myself. I am so glad I did as I have always been self conscious about my teeth. Dr Durrett and her staff are a wonderful group of people and I would recommend their services to anyone in need of orthodontic work.
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Very delightful staff. Over all wonderfully professional experience. We would highly recommend.
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I had a very positive experience with my daughter here this morning. I really appreciate the way this practice approaches each patient as an individual (who may or may not want braces) and discusses treatment in a way that makes both parent and child comfortable. No pushy sales here, just honest recommendations.
Response from the owner: Tracy, thank you so much for sharing yours and your daughter's experience with us! We really appreciate the opportunity to serve you.
Dr Durrett is a compassionate Orthodontist that is very attentive to detail. Her office is warm and welcoming and her staff is so friendly!!
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Dr. Durrett and her staff are amazing!! She is very knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend her Practice.
I used Smile Direct and was not satisfied. Made the decision to meet with Dr Durrett and her team. We made a plan and she made sure my teeth were straightened properly and they look great now. It makes all the difference to meet with an Orthodontist. Highly recommend Dr Durrett and her friendly team. Thanks so much!