Are Clear Aligners Right for Me?

What are Clear Aligners?

Proven Clear Aligners technology has made it possible to effectively straighten your teeth without traditional wires or brackets.

Through a series of custom-fit clear aligners, your smile can be straightened and your bite can be balanced comfortably and discreetly-- often in a matter of months.

A Behind the Scenes Look at Clear Aligners

The first step in the Clear Aligners process is a breeze. During your consultation, Dr. Durrett’s team will use digital technology to take x-rays, pictures, and a 3-D scan of your teeth. That’s it! Traditional impressions and dental models are not necessary and the imaging doesn’t hurt at all.

The magic happens after you go home…

After your visit, Dr. Durrett will take time to evaluate your digital images, using high tech Clear Aligner software to plan the movement of each tooth. She’ll plan your case from start to finish and create a digital slideshow to predict the transformation of your new smile. When the plan looks perfect, your aligners will be created and you’ll be ready to get started. The overall process takes about 6-8 weeks to create your aligners.

When your aligners are ready, we’ll bring you back into our office to place small tooth-colored shapes, called attachments, that are temporarily attached to some of the teeth to serve as handles for the aligners to gently push on. Then we will have you try the aligners in, show you how to properly insert and remove the aligners, and instruct you as to how often to change them (usually every 1-2 weeks). We will also address your questions or concerns to ensure you will have all the information you’ll need for successful treatment.

What’s Next?

At home, it’s important that you commit to wearing your aligners for at least 22 hours each day, only taking them out to eat, drink, and brush (don’t forget to floss!). Dr. Durrett will want to see you every 6-10 weeks to monitor your progress and provide you with new aligners as needed.
Once you have achieved the smile you always wanted with Clear Aligners, you’ll be fitted for retainers. Retainers are the key to maintaining your perfect smile.

Let’s Talk About It

To find out if Clear Aligners are right for you, contact us today. We’ll schedule your consultation and get you on the path to a clearly beautiful smile!