Explore the Advantages of Clear Aligners for Teens and Adults

Mature adults want to show the world their smiles-- not their braces. Today’s teens feel the same way. From yearbook pictures, homecoming, prom, and sports activities to the boardroom or a business conference, you won’t be affected by the look of braces.

Using technology that is similar to traditional clear aligners are designed to make it easier for teenagers to enjoy the same comfortable and discreet orthodontic treatment that we offer to adults.

Special Consideration for a Teen’s Growing Smile

If the adult molars are still growing, Dr. Durrett will design your aligners to allow plenty of room for your adult teeth to grow in while wearing the aligners.

The Key to Clear Aligner Success

Success with Clear Aligners requires a higher level of maturity and responsibility. As a mother, Dr. Durrett understands that Clear Aligners may not be the right treatment option for all teenagers (or adults); however, anyone that commits to following the instructions will likely have a better overall experience than traditional braces due to the following advantages:

  • Durrett Orthodontics
    Easier to keep teeth clean
  • Durrett Orthodontics
    More comfortable
  • Durrett Orthodontics
    Less noticeable
  • Durrett Orthodontics
    No food restrictions (in most cases)
  • Durrett Orthodontics
    Longer interval between appointments
  • Durrett Orthodontics
    Fewer emergencies

Important Note for Teens (and Clear Aligners Adults)

Go ahead and eat your favorite foods like potato chips, hard-crusted pizza, and popcorn with Clear Aligners. As long as you wear your aligners for 22 hours a day, take them out when you eat, and brush your teeth before you put them back in-- you can have the time of your life and straighten your teeth at the same time.

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