7 Myths about Orthodontic Treatment

7 Myths about Orthodontic Treatment

Apr 25, 2019

1. Anyone who provides braces or aligners is an orthodontist.

There are some general dentists and a few online companies who claim to give you braces and aligners but an orthodontist has studied the field for years and has gained expertise in the subject. Always trust the actual Orthodontist in Tampa Fl for achieving best results.

2. Orthodontists are so expensive.

This is an absolute lie. Orthodontists charge the equivalent amount of money as any other medical expert and it also depends on the complexity of the case. At Durrett Orthodontics, we always strive to provide you with the most affordable and safe alternative possible.

3. Office visits are not necessary to get straight teeth.

Once the treatment is done, people neglect regular visits in order to save time or money or both. These regular visits are important to track your progress and give you personalized advice on what should be the next remedy that you need.

4. Orthodontic treatment takes several years.

It depends on the complexity of your oral health. Usually, simple cases would take a few months to treat. Orthodontists in 33626 are known for their paced results. Also, you need to know that these treatments are going to stay with you forever. So comparatively, it is a lot less time that that.

5. Orthodontic treatment is purely cosmetic.

Orthodontists in Tampa does help you get a beautiful smile but it has a functional value attached to it. Along with cosmetic, they help you restore your chewing, biting and eating abilities.

6. Orthodontists only offer metal braces.

As mentioned earlier, orthodontists are experts in the movements of teeth. They have spent years to research and study on the same. Along with braces, there are several other appliances that an orthodontist in Tampa can operate you with.

7. Orthodontic treatment is just for kids.

Age is of least concern to an orthodontist. This myth prevails because kids are the ones who go for a braces treatment more often than an adult. But an orthodontist near you is as expert as treating a kid as he is at treating you.