“She is very gentle and the entire staff is wonderful. She is the best in town!”

Maria G.


“She is thorough, pleasant, and always has a smile on her face. Her office staff is exceptional, which in this day is a rare find. I recommend her to all my friends whose children need orthodontia.”

Kristi M.


“I like Dr. Durrett as well as the office staff. It is a relaxing atmosphere. They have a saying posted on the wall, "Enter as strangers leave as friends,’ and that is the way you feel when you leave. So far I am very pleased with Dr. Durrett and staff.”

Ann S.


“Dr. Durrett is very thorough. She takes her time in order to get the job done correctly. This is my third time wearing braces and I have to say it’s the best experience I have had. I notice a HUGE difference in how my teeth are being aligned. It has only been a little under a year since I got my braces, but I have noticed a huge improvement which I did not get with my previous orthodontists. I am VERY pleased at this point and have faith that I will be COMPLETELY satisfied when my treatment is completed. I would refer anyone that I knew who needed orthodontist treatment to Sharon Durrett. Oh, and she and her STAFF are very nice, professional, and make me feel very welcomed and comfortable. :-) ”

Carrie P.


“I love how Dr. Durrett and her staff are not only professional and courteous, but I like the feeling I get whenever I visit the office. I know my girls are very comfortable and I feel the office is a part of the community they serve.”

Gigi C.


"I plopped into the squishy brown chair, unsure of what to expect. I glanced around at the pokey, unidentifiable tools on the counter to my right then anxiously asked my mom, 'are they gonna give me a shot?’ She reassured me again that I was just getting braces. I let out a little sigh of relief, but still wasn’t sure… some of the metal tools looked like they could cause quite severe pain. Moments later, the very friendly Dr. Durrett and her assistant walked over to me. 'So you are the people who are going to try and glue metal to my teeth?' I thought. 'Great.' They leaned my chair back and gave me black sunglasses to block my eyes from the bright light overhead. They worked in my mouth with some weird looking tools, but none of it hurt. Not one bit. And I was glad!

Before I knew it, I calmed down and they had already started gluing the braces onto my teeth. Then only minutes later, the squishy chair was being raised into its original sitting position. It had been way easier than I thought and the best part -- painless. In hindsight, I learned that braces are nothing to be afraid of. Especially when you get them done at Durrett Orthodontics. Dr. Durrett and her team are a great group of lively people who ensure your comfort during a procedure and provide complete quality. If you want a great, straight smile, Durrett Orthodontics is the place to be. Now whenever a friend asks if getting braces hurts, I can confidently say, 'Nope!' and smile with pride that I chose Durrett Orthodontics."

Naomi G.